We can span the whole process of site remediation. From soil, sediment and groundwater surveys, risk assessment and modelling to site remediation, on-site supervision and monitoring. Our professionals develop tailormade master plans which reflect client requirements, including operational, strategic and financial goals, and meet legislative obligations.
We are committed to a sustainable and efficient approach for your project and will identify any possible opportunities for the (re)use of the soil at an early stage in the project.
Services include:
  • Soil, sediment and groundwater investigation (fieldwork, analysis, advice)
  • Monitoring of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Ground gas monitoring design, implementation and assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Asbestos in soil
  • Remediation plans
  • Cost estimates
  • Environmental site supervision
  • Quantity surveying
  • Health and Safety during remediation execution
  • Contaminated soil treatment and disposal
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Groundwater contamination distribution modeling
  • Groundwater drainage
  • Groundwater monitoring networks
  • Groundwater extraction